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Jul 12, 2011

Blacklist iRule Chrome browser Problem

Hey all,



I have an issue when I do a scan on the http payload using chrome I can't find the following value "reqID=doLogin".


When running in ie or Firefox I have no such issue.


If I don't look for this payload info, and just a post method chrome has no issue with the iRule.


if { [HTTP::payload] contains "reqID=doLogin" && [HTTP::method] equals "POST" }


Also, if I simply just try and write the whole HTTP::payload value to a log it doesn't seem to be catching it in Chrome.



When this iRule is assigned to the Virtual Server (iBB in this case):


1.Check any user that attempts a login.


2.Check if the user is on either the Blacklist or Watchlist based upon that user IP after attempted login.


3.If the user is on the Balcklist, log and deny the user access to progress.


4.If the user is on the Watchlist, log and allow the user access to progress.



Browser version: IE 8 - Firefox 5.0 - Chrome 12.0.742.91



Has anyone had issues with Chrome before?



Thanks for your time.





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