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Jun 06, 2022

BIGIP VE LAB can't ping virtual server and VLAN external


I'm building F5 lab on vmware and already follow all step from 382764900-LTM-Fundamentals-Exercise-Guide-Partners-V13-0-K.pdf. Ping and access browser to management was success but i can't ping to virtual server that i made on LTM (state vs already green) from local PC or client windows 7.

Version : BIG-IP

Virtual Network Editor : VMnet1 (Host-Only) , VMnet2 (NAT) Gateway , VMnet3 (Host-Only)

Vlan : External 1.1 (untagged), Internal 1.2 (untagged)

SelfIP : (external) and (internal)

Route :  Gateway

From local PC

From client Windows 7

Is there any step that was i miss?


nb: i already disable firewall on my local PC.


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  • Hello lailpratama,

    Did you configure Automap value to the snat setting on the Virtual Server ?

    • Virtual Server configuration and select the "automap" in the "Source Address Translation"