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Apr 05, 2012

BIGIP VE 11 supports multi core VCPU




Does Big- IP 11 VM supports Vcpu with multiple core? How many core does it support?




Is it HV 7 VM?









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  • i am running 11.1.0 on my virtual machine which has 2 cpus but i see only one tmm. esx is 4.1.0

    root@bigip1(Active)(/Common)(tmos) show sys tmm-info
    Sys::TMM: 0.0
      TMM Process Id      8741
      Running TMM Id         0
      TMM Count              1
      CPU Id                 0
    Memory (bytes)
      Available           2.7G
      Used               61.2M
    CPU Usage Ratio (%)
      Last 5 Seconds         1
      Last 1 Minute          1
      Last 5 Minutes         1
  • You can add more CPUs but only one TMM instance will run currently. Adding more cores particularly helps modules like ASM and WAM.