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Dec 10, 2021

bigip_ucs_fetch with passphrase problem

Hi Guys,


To make a backup, I use the ansible module for F5 "bigip_ucs_fetch".

I would like to add a passphrase to my ucs file. For that I use the option "encryption_password" on my playbook.

The problem is that even if I use this option, the file is not encrypted.


Has anyone ever had the same problem or woulf have an idea for a solution? Is it a bug?


Thank you

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  • Hello,

    Probably a very delayed response, but I have also noticed this behaviour.

    Running 'f5networks' version 1.10.0, and using 'f5networks.f5_modules.bigip_ucs_fetch' module - creates an uncrypted file even if the "encryption_password" parameter is set.

    Have any one found a solution to this problem yet?