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Dec 01, 2022

bigip_ucs_fetch unsupported parameter only_create_file

Im using the bigip_ucs_fetch module from the f5networks.f5_modules collection.

My ultimate goal is to use the module to create a UCS backup only, leaving it in /var/local/ucs (the default path) with then another task in my playbook that will upload this backup to Azure Storage via SFTP (this will come after this issue is resolved). While running the SCM update in AWX I can see that collection 1.20.0 is being pulled (per the definition of version in my requirements.yml). The required/minimum version for only_create_file is defined in documenation as 1.12.0 via this link 

While using the only_create_file: yes parameter in the module, I am being thrown the error below. 


TASK [ucs_backup : Create UCS Backup] ******************************************
fatal: [ -> localhost]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Unsupported parameters for (bigip_ucs_fetch) module: only_create_file Supported parameters include: attributes, backup, content, create_on_missing, delimiter, dest, directory_mode, encryption_password, fail_on_missing, follow, force, group, mode, owner, provider, regexp, remote_src, selevel, serole, setype, seuser, src, unsafe_writes"}


Why is this error being thrown? Ive looked through the python file for the module (in the repo here) and the parameter only_create_file is defined and should be able to be used. 

Here is the output of the SCM update verifying I am using over version 1.12.0 where the parameter was introduced.


 "stdout_lines": [
        "Process install dependency map",
        "Starting collection install process",
        "Installing 'f5networks.f5_modules:1.20.0' to '/var/lib/awx/projects/.__awx_cache/_2059__f5/stage/requirements_collections/ansible_collections/f5networks/f5_modules'",
        "Installing 'ansible.netcommon:4.1.0' to '/var/lib/awx/projects/.__awx_cache/_2059__f5/stage/requirements_collections/ansible_collections/ansible/netcommon'",
        "Installing 'ansible.utils:2.8.0' to '/var/lib/awx/projects/.__awx_cache/_2059__f5/stage/requirements_collections/ansible_collections/ansible/utils'",


Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!

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  • Hey Mike_A  - I see nobody has replied to you yet. I featured this in this week's Highlights article to get more eyes on it. Are you still seeing the error? I've asked a colleague to come take a look as well. 

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      Leslie_Hubertus Thanks for featuring this article, much appreciated. I just reran the job with the same results, 'unsupported parameter'. 

      • Hi there. Quick question.. it looks like you're on an old version of the collection. will v2 not work?


        Also, can you paste your play, please?