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May 07, 2015

BIGIP HA Sync Failed..



Am I trying to setup A f5 HA pair (11.6) I have created a dedicated HA vlan and given a self IP on each of the BigIP units. along with a management address.


In devices I have selected unit A (self) gone to device connectivity and config sync and selected the HA self IP.


In Failover I have selected the HA IP and the MGMT IP and selected the multicast failover option.


I have created a device group and added both members to this group.


I did the same on both sides,


One unit is saying online(standby) and one unit is saying online (active)


however when I go to do a manual config sync to the device group I get the message 'sync failed'


am I missing something?


Please help


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  • what is the output of ltm logs on both devices during the sync?


  • on one bigip you have "commit ID message ignored, commit ID originator not specified" and on the other one "Static route gateway is not directly connected via an interface." Can both units ping each other on their sync IP ? Is the sync IP properly set on BOTH devices?


  • Amolari,


    I changed the default route on both BigIP units to the SVI of the HA vlan and now config sync works.