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Aug 21, 2011

Bigip 10.2.2 and APM and multiple authentication methods

Hi We are running Bigip 10.2.2 LTM with APM and at the moment we are using two factor authentication for login, the two factor authentication being

RSA so the user fills in there username and then there passcode (via a Keyfob) and receives access. We would also like to include the possibility


of combining this method with another method of SMS tokens (this is another system and basically Radius), what i am not sure of is how to combine these


so that the user has a choice to use either but with the same login interface.


Anyone done this before ?


Any help greatly appreciated.




Regards /Craig






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    I managed to solve the problem using decision boxes instead, it enables me to give the users a choice of different authentication methods with very little configuration.





  • For others looking at this post, here's a related solution for using SMS and APM:



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