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Feb 28, 2017

Big-IQ 5.1 Automatic Device Configuration Refresh

Hi Team,


I have started using Big-IQ 5.1 for APM configuration sync among other things. One thing I am trying to find out is how to get Big-IQ to automatically update device configuration instead of me manually going to Device Management -> Inventory-> Big-IP devices -> Device itself->Services then clicking Discover and Import configuration.


Surely there must be a way to setup a scheduled import ? I have googled and looked myself but scratching my head on it :|. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Hi danielpenna ,
    Even in the newest BIG-IQ version I couldn't find a scheduled re-import of the already discovered devices in BIG-IQ.
    Our customer want to give API access to another organization to get config data of all BIG-IP devices via BIG-IQ but without a scheduled update of the actual object data it is not possible.

    So how to get scheduled re-import of device data in BIG-IQ?