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Nov 04, 2020

BIG IQ 2nd Interface Configuration - DCD Communication



BIG IQ 7.x version has been deployed for an IQ and a DCD. Reading the white papers, a secondary address is best practice for IQ to DCD communications. Our VMs have a management on net adapter 1 so trying to apply second address/self ip to net adapter 2, I can't get any mac or arp.


Our VMware infra resource can't seem to figure it out either. I will update the versions of VMWare later if you deem] applicable.


I read the white papers/watch the youtube and add vlan and self IP appropriately but no resolution.


management interface - net adapter 1 - has a vlan presented and works fine. same process with another vlan presented to net adapter 2 but no go.


Any direction would be appreciated.


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  • It should work fine - check the interface, VLAN, tagging etc as these are normally the issue.

    It is feasible to only use the management interface but you have to consider the amount of traffic which will be traversing that interface.

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    You can use mgmt to all, but remember that it is 1Gbps. When you add a new interface do collect data. If you use net adapter 2 it will be 1.1 on BIG IQ and it is 10Gbps.


    Check if this helps you