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Aug 10, 2022

BIG-IQ - cert in silo conflicts with global

Hi experts, I am not getting a clear answer from the support team. I hope you can help me.

I had to import a BIG-IP into a Silo because of an iapp-created VS that I can't easily fix/rename.  I mean, I have this VS with the same name in both the internal network as well as the external network and the settings are very different (for the profiles and rules) so I have no choice but putting the internal one in a different Silo. However, both have the certs with the same name and I am getting a conflict. Clearly, the BIG-IQ doesn't want to have the same cert with the same name in different silos (or one in a silo while another is not). Is it defeating the purpose of having a Silo? I thought it was for resolving the naming conflicts. Please advice. Thanks!


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      That would be great! Thanks Lief! correct I still have not found a solution and I still have not heard back from the support team. 

      • Ok - I reached out to some folks late yesterday. If they are unavailable then when we are back in the office Monday (pacific time) I'll see what I can find.