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Oct 16, 2021

BIG-IP system removes the local IP address specified in the remote logging configuration after a ConfigSync operation workaround !

This bug seems to be present even in 14.1.x but now the workaround is not only to use the CLI but also to add local IP address in the GUI then sync the config for the HA pair. After that go to the GUI of the standby device that will be without a local Ip address and modify the config and just add it's local ip address and you shouldn't be asked to do a config sync. Don't create a new config on the standby as after that you will be asked to sync the config and then the Active device will be without a local Ip address.

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  • Rightly said, this has been there in other versions too. I've experienced this multiple times.

    But one thing to note is, though the change would sync on the peer, it won't come into effect unless the syslog service or entire services or box reboots. So untill then all will seem to work fine. But if failover happens and the newly turned on active box unable to create a socket, then comes the problem. But got used to it.

    Hope the article gets updated with right versions.

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      Thanks for sharing this. I just checked that F5 has mentioned this atleast in the bug tracker :