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Dec 30, 2021

Big IP sending network trafic info to BigIQ



I can see under monitoring / events / network security / firewall nothing on my BigIQ. I can see things on my Big IP.

I have installed AVR - how do I get firewall events into BigIQ ?

do I need to setup a syslog to the DCD ?

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  • A few questions: do you have a healthy status on the DCD nodes in BIG-IQ? Do you have the stats feature enabled via BIG-IQ for the BIG-IP?


    also a change a few versions ago was to have the BIG-IP push statistics to the DCD. So in this case you need to have communications between the BIG-IQ and DCDs and the BIG-IP in both directions:

  • I'm getting ASM details, but not firewall

    Every thing looks health - nothing in BIG IQ to say there is an issue

    Checked the link connectivity is there and there seems to be a link. as I said the ASM logs are making it not the firewall logs!



    it looks like I have to setup a firewall logger and send it to the DCD port assigned to network.


    Its a pain especially as you pointed out a dedicated IP -> DCD link