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Oct 06, 2021

Big-IP offline after migration from BIG-IP 2200 to virtual BIG-IP

We did a test migration from our current cluster which is two BIG-IP 2200 to a new virtual one

The current cluster is running version BIG-IP v13.1.0.1 (Build 0.0.8) and the new one is running version BIG-IP v15.1.0.5 (Build 0.0.8)


The migration itself went through without any problems, used platform-migrate and no-license options

Can see that all the config has been moved over fine, but the problem is that the BIG-IP refuse to go to online status

It also shows a banner saying "This device is not operational because the loaded configuration contained errors or unlicensed objects. Please adjust the configuration and/or the license, and re-license the device."


Have activated a new license which it says is ok. so its likely something in the configuration thats the problem

Does anyone have any suggestion where we should look as it doesnt say which part of the configuration it doesnt like


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  • Hi Daniel,

    To identify the configuration problem, try this

    tmsh load sys config verify


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      Tried that and got some warnings regarding a iRule

      /Common/ProxyPass:118: warning: [unmatched closing character][}]

      /Common/ProxyPass:124: warning: [use curly braces to avoid double substitution][[regexp -nocase $regex "$orig_host$orig_uri" 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9]]


      Removed it and now the validation goes through without any warnings

      But its still in offline status


      Any other suggestion what we can look after?





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        Yes, restart all services and BIG-IP configuration.

        tmsh restart sys service all
        tmsh load sys config