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Jul 07, 2021

Big-IP not recognized by Big-IQ

Dear Techs,


I'm in a strange situation where I'm supposed to add both F5 Big-IP with Big-IQ. Both Big-IP and Big-IQ are in same subnet, so firewall isn't a question.


The Big-IP are in HA. I've successfully added the Standby unit with Big-IQ without any issues while adding the Active unit I'm getting below error message :


The device <Big-IP-Management-IP> (null) is not a Big-IP device.


I've added a total of 7 devices successfully, using the same procedure, same authentication. Any help with be greatly appreciated.


Big IQ version : 8.0.0

Big-IP version : 14.1.4


thank you

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  • Thank you dear. I did read the document before but sadly couldn't find my answer there. At first, i thought to update the REST API but since the document says its not applicable if version is 12.x and above, i believe i still have to hunt for the solution.

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      Connectivty test are ok between BIG-IP and BIG-IQ ? what does the restjavad says on the BIG-IQ ?

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        OK, the first step to debug this problem is to verify TCP communication between BIG-IQ and BIG-IP systems.

  • One thing more, the big ip we want to add have it's device certificate expire. Is this can be the reason? Also what are the impacts of renewing the device liecense, I believe the HA will break right?​

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      So I also just had the same issue. On a whim I restarted restjavad on the the BigIP (not the BigIQ) with # tmsh restart sys service restjavad

      After doing this the BigIQ was able to add the device. Hopefully this works for others as well.