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Aug 12, 2022

big ip not find session

Hello. During authorization, I receive a message about the lost session and the inability to access the site. After refreshing the page message message big ip no session information comes in the request. The strange thing is that from the same computer one user logs in gets this error. There are options?

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  • Hey there, STANISLIVE - I'm going to feature your post in this week's highlights article to see if someone in the community has the answer for you.


  • I think we're going to need a little more information to help, so to start:

    When you say authorization; are you accessing the BIG-IP administrative interface (TMUI) or are you accessing a service behind the BIG-IP?

    If this is a service behind the BIG-IP, what does the configuration of the BIG-IP look like? Is this LTM alone, APM, is ASM configured etc?

    Do you have a pool with multiple nodes configured? If so, do you have persistence configured to ensure that a client always goes to the same pool member, if necessary?