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Oct 31, 2011

Big-IP LTM Trunk assigned to all VLANs?




I've searched everywhere for an answer to this without any success so hopefully someone here has the answer or has done it before.




Basically I want to know if it is possible to have the Heartbeat VLAN, Management VLAN, External VLAN and Internal VLANs assigned to the same trunk? ie. Can I trunk 4 ports together via LACP and assign all four VLANs to it?






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    All except the management interface... The management interface is separate from the switch interfaces hat ltm uses. And should be kept standalone (it cant be trunked or channelled from the bigip end so if you channel it from the switch end things wont work very well)



    Note that you can manage a bigip via the switchport interfaces, but obviously the management port is out of band from tmm and you can access the sccp directly via it too.



  • Thanks for the prompt reply Hamish, it is much appreciated!