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Mar 21, 2011


Hello Community,



There is a plan to swap an old Big IP LTM appliance by a new one device. The new appliance is a 3900 LTM model.




I don't have till now the model number of the old existing model but I was wondering if it's possible to backup the configuration of the old one and upload it to the new appliance using the UCS file.




This would save time and avoid any human errors. Kindly advise.




Thanks in advance / Jean








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  • I assume the new device will have a different number of interfaces than the previous one?
  • yes, it is possible, at least, i did and it looked fine.



    anyway, if interface does not match, u may have to modify configuration file e.g. bigip_base.conf after importing.
  • yes it might have different interfaces so we need just to tweak the configuration once uploaded?
  • There is a catch with using the same hostname on the new device you are moving the configuration too. Bear this in mind if you get a situation where the 'tweak/changes' you make never stick, and the transported configuration seems to always get reloaded.