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Jun 22, 2022

BIG IP Http health check issue

I recently found out that the load balancer I set up increases the CPU consumption of my servers.
Also when I look at the / var / log / ltm file I see that at different time intervals and continuously my nodes are up / down (flap)
My servers are weblogic
I almost used the default settings to set up this balancing, I even changed the default Interval for http health monitor from 5 to 20, but the problem still remains.
Previously, these servers were balanced by nginx and did not have such a problem, but this problem has arisen since it was switched to ltm.
Is it possible that http health monitor increase the cpu usage of servers?
Is there a way to find the source of this problem?


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  • Hi,

    When you change the interval you also need to change the timeout, the rule is timeout = (3*interval + 1). So for interval=20, timeout should be 61.

    If you remove the monitor from the pool, does the cpu consumption decrease? It's not very common that http monitors increase cpu usage of backend servers