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Feb 09, 2024

Big-IP Edge client installation fails on Windows 11

Hello Team,


I'm having an issue within installation of Edge Client on Windows 11


Both versions 7244 and 7245 fails with the same error during installation


" Unable to load driver on this device.


A security setting prevents this driver from loading. You must adjust your settings to load this driver"


Any idea what might be the problem? The issue is not present on Windows 10.


Best Regards,

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  • Looking at the support case logs doesn't seem to indicate any broad problems with Edge Client and Windows 11, but that error is suggestive of a Credential Guard / HVCI driver issue. You might want to try disabling that and seeing if the behavior changes.

    If you don't use the built-in Edge Client firewall or DNS relay proxy, I'm fairly certain you can run the client without the F5Fltdrv.sys driver. To prepare an Edge Client package without that driver, un-check "DNS Relay Proxy" and "Traffic Control Service", then click Download.