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Sep 22, 2021

BIG-IP DNS/GTM and LTM integration - Changing the public IP address of LTM

Hello Everyone,


We have a pair of F5 LTMs (in active/standby mode) on a private network behind DMZ firewall and a pair of BGP-IP DNS/GTMs (in active/active standalone mode) on public network. DMZ firewall does the one-to-one NAT for LTMs private IP addresses to specific public IP addresses. LTMs are integrated with DNS/GTM and i can see LTMs properties (addresses, number of VSs etc) at DNS -> Servers -> Server List in DNS/GTMs.


For some reason, we have to change the public translated IP addresses of LTMs on the firewalls. LTMs will still have original private IP addresses however public IP addresses will change. After changing the public IP addresses, I believe, the communication/integration (iQuery etc) between DNS/GTMs and LTMs will break therefore I want to ask following questions to the gentlemen here:


1) What do i have to do on DNS/GTMs and/or LTMs to restore the communication/integration? is it just matter of modifying the LTMs' property (removing Address from Address List and add new IPs) or is there more to it such as changing certificates, running discovery etc?


2) What will be the service impact when the communication/integration between DNS/GTMs and LTMs breaks?


3) Is there an authentic KB that covers this topic and guides step by step?


I will be appreciate the input and thank you all



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