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Jan 21, 2020

BIG-IP DNS Resolution to actual server IP

I am using BIG-IP DNS for geographic based IP resolution of my proxy servers. If the DNS request comes from Site A, BIG-IP responds with the IP for proxy 1 ; Site B resolves to proxy 2 using Topology Records. This is the easy part.


I am NOT wanting client traffic between the users and the proxy to actually go through the BIG-IP. I am only wanting BIG-IP to effectively act as an intelligent DNS server. If the proxy server IP is actually, then that is what I need the BIG-IP to resolve to.


I tried using LTM Virtual Servers with the IP of the VS matching the IP of the Pool Member, i.e. the proxy server. Unfortunately, this caused issues where the Health Monitor would suddenly fail until it was removed and re-added to the LTM Pool.


I am currently running the Health Monitor in the DNS module and it seems to be working, however, I am needing to move the functionality to another vCMP but the same configuration is failing.

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  • It sounds like you are somewhat confused about the nature of BigIP DNS and how to configure it.


    BigIP DNS just resolves DNS names to IP addresses - the client then connects directly to the returned IP address, and if that IP address is not a BigIP LTM virtual server IP, then traffic will not pass through the BigIP.


    You just need to define your Proxy IPs as Generic Server objects, not BigIP Virtual Servers.

  • No, not confused.


    I have them defined as Generic Servers, however, the Health Monitors were failing.


    A friend suggested creating a Prober Pool. Once done, everything started passing the monitor.


    Thanks for your input though.