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Apr 19, 2023

BIG-IP DNS - GTMs within same Sync-group share same statistics?

Hello , does anyone know if GTMs within the same Sync-group share the same statistics? I was testing with one WIP, but GTMs displays different totals in Statistics, I did reset stats at the same time on all GTMs, still have different totals in Requests Total and Resolved. is this normal? how can I check wich GTM is resolving the query?

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  • f5learning9 GTM isn't my best area of expertise but from my understanding the sync-group is used to syncronise the DNS configuration between all the GTMs so that each can respond with the appropriate DNS query. From my understaning the statistics each GTM has is unique to the device so I don't believe those statistics would be synced across all the devices. Now if you want to know which GTM is responding to a particular DNS query you can perform a dig +trace which should tell you which GTM responded to your query. Now I don't believe it's turned on by default but I believe you can use the following document to log all DNS queries so you know which client received a response and from which GTM.