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Oct 13, 2011

Big-IP Box died yesterday




Our backup Big-IP LTM died yesterday. I've never set up a Big-IP from scratch so just after some tips and advice to set up and restore the system to its original state.






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    hope this helps.
  • Hi Dazzla,



    You might want to periodically create a backup config.ucs file for each of your Load Balancers. It can be used to restore all of the base configurations of the device in an RMA Scenario. Even if the configuration content of the Virtual Servers, iRules, Pools, etc. is not up to date, the HA Configurations and Base Network Configurations would be.



    Your RMA Procedure would then be:


    1. Configure Self-IP Address on front panel.


    2. Upload backup config.ucs.


    3. Restore config.ucs.


    4. Sync with Active HA Partner to pull all of the Virtual Server, iRules, Pools, etc. that have been modified since the config.ucs was created.



    That's it.



    Hope this helps.