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Apr 02, 2024

Backup Virtual Server

Hi , 


We have to create Backup Virtual server for other Virtual server. For Example  , We have VIP-1 (  with pool members and


We have to create other Virtual Server (VIP-2, with backend pool members and  This VIP-2 should act as backup of VIP-1. 


All the traffic for this application should primarily hit on VIP-1 , If this VIP-1 goes down then  user hits should automatically route towards VIP-2 and if VIP-1 comes up then again hits should be automatically shifted to VIP-1.




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  • Unless there is some other reason to create a separate virtual server, you do not need to use two different virtual servers for this.  Just use Priority Group Activation on the pool instead.  
    One virtual server (VIP-1,  One pool with priority group activation enabled and set to "Less Than... 1" with 4 pool members; 10 10 0 0

  • Like Joseh_Martin described, this can be achieve within the same virtual server using priority activation groups.

    If a seperate VS is required, AND the application is HTTP, then you can issue a redirect (HTTP/302) when the pool goes down.

    If the application is not HTTP, then you can use an iRule to point to another VS instead of the local pool if the available pool resources are less 0