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Jun 22, 2011

b merge - changing pool names

Been using the b merge to add and amend pool members, and I now want to change the name of a pool. How would b merge go about this?








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  • Hi Dean,



    I'm not sure there is a way to delete a pool using 'b merge'. I tried a simple test of



    Create a test pool


    b pool my_pool {}



    Create an scf with a pool delete command


    echo "pool my_pool delete" > pool_delete.scf



    Merge the pool delete command from a file


    b merge pool_delete.scf



    Reading configuration from pool_delete.scf.


    BIGpipe parsing error (pool_delete.scf Line 1):


    012e0020:3: The requested item (delete) is invalid ( | show | list | edit | delete | stats reset) for 'pool'.



    Unless I'm missing something, I think the best option would be to create the new pool with a 'b merge' and then delete the old one with a separate bigpipe command (b pool my_pool delete).