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May 25, 2022

Azure Cloud F5 HA FailOver - Floating IP issue


We are facing issue with F5 instances HA in Azure cloud. Once F5 HA is triggerred - floating IP stops pinging once secondary F5 becomes Active.

Please let me know if there is any additional setting to be done on F5 & Azure Cloud, seems floating ip address is not getting moved to secondary once F5 HA is triggerred.


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  • how you have installed and created the HA?

    if you have done traditional F5 HA setup cloud setups ,then Floating ip will not failover to secondary.

    for azure F5 HA deployment i suggest f5's CFT template wither VIA LB or via API for failover

    check out the below link

    with API failover method the secondary ip of the interface will shifted to active device during failover..


  • hi boneyard, i used same github template and failover worked for few times, after a month, failover not working external interface ip not moving from active to standy during  failover , what could be reason and how rectifiy this issue please help

    thanks in advnace 

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      I would engage F5 support on this. If you can reproduce they are the way to go.

      Also starting a new question here is probably better then adding in another question.