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May 27, 2020

automatically update ssl client profile

Hi guys

I need your help


ssl certificate not renewal automatically before 14

x version


so, I need script for automatic update profile

I will be set up chmod but I don't know how to make script


please let me know it if you know that


thank you

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  • can you provide more details? What ssl certificate? Of the BIG-IP itself? For an application profile? And update how? update a new self-signed certificate? update from a CA? Generate a CSR?

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      we using private certificate, client must be using private certificate for access external internet


      but sometimes client certificate expired days not renewal [ I checked this problem relate OS version]


      So, now our manager manually extend certificate expired days  

      [ just click "update" client ssl profile ]


      I don't know How to make script for just ssl client profile update 


      thank you

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      just modify some profile setting is same as click button