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Jan 05, 2011

Automatically creates sites on BIGIP

Hi , I have been creating sites on the bigIP by bascailly copying the infromation from notepad and pasting it into the BIGIP config . I need to know if there is a script which I can run on the bigip which will create the sites automatically , ie, without having me individually copy and paste the site details .



Example : in my notepad I would have something like



node ,


monitor url





I would then copy this to bigip config through secure crt ... it would be great if I could tell bigip to create the sites using a particular file .... any help would be grand ...


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  • You can import bigip.conf/bigip_base.conf config objects using 'b merge file.input' and then 'b save' to write the changes from memory to the default config files.





  • Hi, thanks . We have version 9.4.5 . The article applies to version 10 . Do you know if this will work in version 9.4.5 ?
  • b merge has been around for a long time. It should work fine on 9.4.5.