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Feb 16, 2022

Authenticate application API call using APM

Hi, I am trying to authenticate an API call via the following way:

User logs into the F5 APM login page to then be presented with the applicaiton login. User logs into the application and then navigates to making a payment, fills out the form and clicks submit, this submit is a POST on an API. At this point the user is presented with another F5 APM login, when the user logs in the APM does a 302 to the client to do a GET request on the API uri that was called as a POST before the APM login was presented, so the POST call never gets through and is instead sent as a GET via the client and you end up getting a blank page in the client browser. 

Is there any solution or a way round this so that in this scenario post login it is sent as a POST call and in return renders the page correctly?

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  • IBM Cloud Application Performance Management (APM V8) provides RESTful APIs for accessing Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Resource Group and Threshold Management services. See documentation links in the 'References' section in this post.Before calling the APM service APIs, an access token is obtained from the OIDC server on the Cloud APM server. This access token is then used to authenticate to the API calls. An example of commands to obtain the access token is included below.

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      Hi, thanks, but access control is not the requirement. The requirement is for an AMP login page to presented to the client when a POST call is made. Login page is presented, but the issue occurs post APM login, as explained in my main post.