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Sep 26, 2018

ASM reverse proxy(L3) or bridge mode(L2) implementation

Hello guys I have been using/installing/configuring F5 for a couple of years now but I have come to a question about ASM. Client ask me how I can implement ASM and was wondering difference between L2 and L3 implementations. I have been trough many articles, guides and videos but did not understand true difference. I found this: and understood that in bridge mode there are options for HTTP/S traffic inspection. But only this? Also I saw difference between blocking and transparent policies but not in different implementations.


So, could someone help a little bit? Also standalone ASM could or couldn't be in bridge mode? Everywhere I saw when configuring ASM bridge there is LTM objects mentioned.


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  • Hi kkirchev, I also have the same questions that you, and I want to know if there some pre-requesit for Two F5 working in transparent bridge mode.


    Could someone reply please?