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Apr 22, 2022

ASM Policy Blocking Scientific Notation in JSON Profile

When tuning an ASM Policy what would cause your JSON Profile to flag a payload as such:

Violation Details: Malformed JSON data [1]
JSON Buffer4.5600012001319145e
DescriptionMalformed document
Malformed numeric value
Actual URL


Wildcard URL


JSON Profile
Applied Blocking SettingsBlock Alarm Learn


Attack Type

JSON Parser Attack



"dpps": 4.5600012001319145e+22, "ddpse": 222


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    Enable the relax_unicode_in_json internal parameter.

    relax_unicode_in_json: The default is 0.
    When the value is changed to 1, a bad unicode character does not produce a JSON malformed violation. A bad unicode character might be a legal unicode character that does not appear in the mapping of the system's JSON parser.