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Nov 08, 2011

ASM overview/charts export per web application




Version: 10.2.3




We are a hosting provider that has a number of clients piped through a pair of F5's. Each client has a web application defined for their needs.




I'd like to be able to export the 'overview' that is available if I browse "Application Security -> Overview" and then select a specific 'Web Application'. Looks like while charts have the 'export' option - this page doesn't.




Looking at the "Chart Scheduler" it only facilitates emailing different charts encompassing all the 'Web Applications' and doesn't allow me to split these based on different customers. It also doesn't have the more detailed info the 'overview' page supplies.




Am I missing an easy way to export these nice things for clients?







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  • i do not think it is possible even in 11.0.0.



    anyway, there is analytics module in v11.



    Release Note: BIG-IP Analytics version 11.0.0




    if this is not acceptable, i think you may have to open a support ticket and request for enhancement.
  • Thanks Nitass. Yea, sadly V11 isn't an option for us at the moment.



    I've opened a ticket with support to see.