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Jan 01, 2022

ASM or AWAF Exchange 2019 OWA Protection against Brute force Attacks!

Hi everyone I am trying to figure out how is this possible to protect Exchange 2019 OWA from brute force attacks. for now we deployed iApps of the latest version of 16.x Virtual Edition (trial peri...
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    Jan 03, 2022

    Hi Joe, not this is not a bug, as your policy is created from a template the setting to differentiate between HTTP and HTTPS URLs has been disabled in that template (which makes sense as OWA really should be served over HTTPS only).


    When this setting is disabled you will not see HTTP/HTTPS dropdowns anywhere in the policy as it is assumed that all policy entities are of the same protocol . If you check the General Settings on the policy and scroll down you should see that the "Differentiate" setting is Disabled:



    Don't let this confuse you - please note that F5 WAF was created in 2004 when many websites used to have a mixture of HTTP and HTTPS pages (e.g. only the credit card payment page on Amazon would be served over HTTPS) - that is the reason why WAF policies could be configured differently for pages served over HTTP and HTTPS.