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Nov 27, 2011

ASM Natting Question

For Traffic to pass through ASM Security Module , it hits a virtual server ( and this Virtual server will have a class associated )

So , the traffic initiated to my web server will hit the Virtual server , but what if i need my web sever to initiate traffic , i will create Natting for it , the problem is that this traffic initiated from Web server will not pass through ASM module ( because class is associated with VS )


How can i secure traffic initiated from my Web serevr ?




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  • why do you need asm for outbound http traffic? what would you like to protect??
  • Some times Web Server needs to access external resources , if they are infected this may affect my webServer

    so that i wanted to secure the outbound as well


    is this possible ?




  • you can create wildcard virtual server listening on port 80, i.e. any:http, and apply httpclass which asm is enabled on it. anyway, how can you define asm policy for external web servers? i mean how you know what request is right or wrong for them.