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Jan 17, 2023

ASM: Apostroph (0x27) char in header value


we see HTTP requests comming in where the User-Agent header ist delimited by an apostroph (0x27 ASCII). The ASM flags this as a violation and suggests me to allow that char.

As far as I unterstand RFC7230 sec 3.2.6 this char is NOT allowed as delimiter, but as contents (tchar).

Am I correct? Should I ignore the ASM suggestion?


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  • It depends on:

    • if you want to allow the client, you must disable this protection
    • else ignore the suggestion

    There are some browsers, mostly from smartphones, that violates the rfc's and sends non-ascii characters in headers.

  • Hi misch43 , 
    I recommend to ask server developer. 
    Take some samples from F5 Violated requests " Contains Apostroph " to Backend server developer to review it with him to take the proper action against this violation , if you should allow or Block it.