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Dec 20, 2023

AS3 TLS certificate without passphrase

Hi! I am trying to use AS3 to create a HTTPS service. It seems I can not do it with only a cert and a key.                       "webcert": {                         "class": "Certificate",  ...
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    Dec 20, 2023

    I've managed to fix it myself.
    So I'll share it, maybe it helps someone. The idea was to use Terraform to create a cert/key pair and then use it in my JSON template.

    I have used base64 endcode to fix it.

                          "webcert": {
                            "class": "Certificate",
                            "remark": "in practice we recommend using a passphrase",
                            "certificate": {
                                "base64": "${cert}"
                            "privateKey": {
                                "base64": "${key}"

    Here is the link to the whole project:

    and more info, here :