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May 21, 2023

AS3 declarative for parent profile for tcp-wan-optimized


I am trying to create a declarative for a parent TCP profile. However, unable to find anywhere to setup tcp-wan-optimized as parent profile. Can anyone please confirm if this is feasible? If not, what alternatives are available?

Have tried to create this to assimilate to the parent profile. Will this work or we require something else?


"test-tcp-wan-optimized": {

"class": "TCP_Profile",

"autoProxyBufferSize": false,

"autoReceiveWindowSize": false,

"autoSendBufferSize": false,

"proxyBufferHigh": 131072,

"proxyBufferLow": 131072,

"receiveWindowSize": 65535,

"sendBufferSize": 65535,

"fastOpen": true,

"proxyOptions": true,

"initRwnd": 3,

"maxSegmentSize": 1460,

"nagle": "enable",

"pushFlag": "default",

"congestionControl": "high-speed",

"initCwnd": 3,

"ratePace": false,

"earlyRetransmit": false,

"enhancedLossRecovery": false,

"tailLossProbe": true



Grateful for any help on this. 




Best regards


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