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Feb 05, 2022

AS3 Consul Service Discovery Scripts Fails along with FQDN nodes

Hi Experts,

I have recieved a requirement to configure dynamic node discovery using hashicorp consul. For that, installed AS3 package from F5 github repo and that is working fine without any issue. But after adding FQDN node, AS3 consul service discovery script is failing by throwing following error.

can't eval proc: "script::run"
field not present: "address"
while executing
"tmsh::get_field_value $node address"
(procedure "script::run" line 32)
invoked from within
"script::run" line:1

Following are the BIG IP and AS3 versions,

BIG IP Version : 16.1.2
AS3 Version : 3.34.0

I appreciate your help.

Thanks and Regards,
Janus J