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Apr 04, 2011

Are you Deploying VMware's Site Recovery Manager? Then Read This!

If you are Deploying VMware's vCenter SRM, then you need to read the new F5 Deployment Guide



VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager extends VMware vCenter to enable automated cold migrations (i.e., a shut down state) of virtual machines (VMs) from one data center to another. Together, SRM and the F5 BIG-IP can simplify the implementation and mitigate the need for scripting in a recovery architecture. Specifically, with BIG-IP GTM, the scripting of DNS server changes can be eliminated and post-move IP address changes can be automated. With BIG-IP LTM, the need to reassign IP addresses can often be avoided altogether.






- Improves the automated failover of SRM



- Automates failover of the global and local application networks



- Reduces manual steps during a failover event



- Accelerates failover workflow



High Level Solution Brief:
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