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Jun 16, 2011

Are there functions or methods we can create using IRules?

Hello Community,

I have multiple IRules associated to a VS and was wondering if there can be IRules or methods/functions that we can create and call them ONLY when we want? Or does all the IRules MUST be executed in a top down fashion?




Example of IRule order used by a VS:


IRule 1


IRule 2


IRule 3


IRule 4






Is there way to call IRule 3 and skip IRule 2 from IRule 1?


Or just call a method/function from IRule 4 from IRule 1 then end the session?








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  • Hi TRX,



    You can disable events using 'event < name > disable' but that affects all iRules on the virtual server which reference that event. I think the best solution is to use one or more local variables to track which code you want to run. A local variable is accessible across all iRules on the same virtual server on a per connection basis. So you can use something like:



    rule1 - set run_rule3 1


    rule2 - set run_rule3 0


    rule3 - if {$run_rule3 == 1}{ do something}