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Feb 15, 2012

Applications used for F5 (BIG-IP) implementation/administration??

Hi Guys,

I find myself using the same applications when installing and administrating BIG-IP's, i have included a small list below and was interested to hear whether there is anything else people use, that may be useful to have in the toolbox:




WinSCP- For transfering files


7-Zip - For extracting Archive (.UCS) files


Firefox - As Chrome seems to have errors




Anything else?








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  • I use fileZilla for transferring files and chrome for management. I haven't had any problem with it so far.
  • Putty for SSH and serial access. And a big ~/.bashrc file for command aliases :)



  • httpfox


    f5 irule editor




    f5 wireshark plugin



    have fun!
  • Posted By hoolio on 02/15/2012 04:07 PM


    Putty for SSH and serial access. And a big ~/.bashrc file for command aliases :)



    Aaron How did i forget Putty, doh! What is a "big ~/.bashrc file"??How did i forget Putty, doh!
  • How did I forget the iRuler :)



    I use a .bashrc file mainly for aliases to save on typing out command commands:






    set -o vi


    alias l='ls -laF'


    alias o='less -i'


    alias t='tail -f'


    alias list='tmsh list ltm|o'


    alias bigip.conf='vi /config/bigip.conf'


    alias log='cd /var/log'


    alias tmp='cd /var/tmp'


    alias conf='cd /config'


    alias ucs='cd /var/local/ucs'


    alias scf='cd /var/local/scf'


    alias ssl='cd /config/ssl'


    alias tltm='t /var/log/ltm'


    alias tasm='t /var/log/asm'


    alias tapm='t /var/log/apm'


    alias ttmm='t /var/log/tmm'


    alias pnig=ping


    alias pngi=ping


    alias pign=ping


    alias ve='ssh root@ve'



  • Nice, i didnt realise you could do this, although i have done this previously in Cisco IOS
  • -A good text editor.


    My prefencence is textpad, it is tried and tested. You can download an addon to do tcl syntax colouring and it also allows you to diffs of files. Also consider Notepadd++



    -A file comparison tool.


    If you don't like textpad or its diff functionality and need something to compare files then Beyond Compare is excellent.