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Sep 25, 2013

Application Web Pages Not Being Served Correctly by F5



One of our customers has an application that doesn't appear to perform very well when load-balanced by the F5. The application is currently using a Standard VS profile, which is not doing SSL offload, uses cookie persistence and a SNAT pool with a single IP address and pretty much everything else is default. We have recently applied a Web Acceleration profile to the VS to attempt to address the problem but it doesn't appear to have solved anything. The WA profile is only set to cache and serve up static CSS and JS files.


The major issue, we believe, is that the client fails to receive some of the Javascript that is necessary for the page to render correctly. This was the case prior to the WA profile being applied as well as after.


The application used to be load-balanced, in a very rudimentary way, by iptables and these issues were not seen then. I'm very keen to find any clue as to where to look on the F5 for what could be causing the problem. I'm considering changing the profile to Perf L4 to see if it helps but there are two problems with that: 1. I don't get to learn what was causing the problem 2. I think the client wants to have the F5 do SSL offload in the near future


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,




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