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Jun 28, 2012

Application management SURVEY from F5

The F5 User Experience team is interested in learning more about how you'd like to manage applications in the future. If you'd like to provide input, you can reply in this forum or send your answers directly to me at . Provide as much detail as you like--I promise to read it all!



You get bonus points for having any additional application developers or managers at your company answer the second set of questions (no BIG-IP experience necessary!).



Imagine F5 has a tool with features specifically designed for Application Developers and Managers. Thinking as an application developer or manager:


1. What is the top "must-have" feature you would expect it to have?


2. What information and metrics do you want to see for your applications?


3. What timeframe do you need to be able to view metrics within? What is the right default view?


4. When viewing your apps, what properties would you like to be able to filter by (e.g., online status, ownership, throughput/activity, etc.)?


5. Are BIG-IP device metrics useful? (If so, which ones?)


6. Do you need to know which device your application is on?


7. What information do you need to specify for the network engineer to complete the setup of a new application?


8. What tools or capabilities would help you collaborate with the network engineer for initial setup and ongoing management of your applications?



Also please briefly describe your role and title.






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Senior Usability Engineer

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    We're still gathering responses on this, and your input is valuable. Help us understand your application management needs for the future!