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Aug 07, 2023

APM with Kerberos auth basic branch not working

We were recently sold and we're in the process of transitioning away from our parent company but for now there is a need for users to access both networks.  I set up an access policy using Kerberos and AD Auth and we were counting on users on machines in our domain to pass through Kerberos but users on machines on our parent company's domain to be able to use the basic auth and sign into the page with the credentials from our network.  So user logged into Citrix VDI that is on parent company domain with credentials for parent company domain but then log into web prompt for basic auth with their credentials on our domain.  The Kerberos piece works great but for the basic auth they get denied everytime and when i look at the APM logs the username and password fields are blank eventhough I watch the users enter them.