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Feb 19, 2021

APM Policy Modern-Style: How to mark Text Bold or insert New-Line?

I would like to highlight some parts of the text in bold in the APM Policy or insert a "New Line".

For example in the Logon Page in the "Logon Page Input Field".


With the old standard policy, this could easily be done with HTTP commands (e.g. <br>).

This is no longer possible with the new modern policy ...


Does anyone know how I can do this in a modern policy?

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  • seem's like the modern template is more limited.


    i used to replace the whole login page with my own html code, and that worked great.

    with the new modern template that does not seem possible anymore.


    for instance, i want to add some javascript function that gets run on the Onselect event.

    therefor you need to be able to add the unselect event to the form.


    so if anyone has an idea, let uw know