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Sep 29, 2021

APM localdb users complex password policy



I ran into an issue where I couldn't find any possible way (straight-forward) to apply a complex password policy to the Localdb users. I found a couple of articles talking about the same issue however it seems that there is no feature for that, does anyone have a workaround to apply the complex password policy to my Localdb users?


below article from 2015 with the same issue:


appreciate your response :)




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  • Looking at the local user db on my system, I don't see an option for setting the password complexity, just an option to force a password change. Honestly I doubt it has that capability, but I could be mistaken.


    You might try opening a ticket with F5 tech support if nothing pops up here and (hopefully) get a definitive answer regarding whether that feature exists or not.


    Good luck!