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Apr 27, 2016

APM L7 ACL error page for network access cannot be displayed on mobile.

I have set up L7 ACL for network access. The ACL deny page can be displayed on desktop whenever I access the rejected URL. However, there is only a DNS error message when I access that URL on mobile phone, i.e. ACL deny page cannot be shown.


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    That's interesting. Haven't heard of it before and can't find any references of a similar issue.


    I'd try first using the ACCESS_ACL_DENIED event to see if it's firing correctly in both cases. If it is, then open a support case.


    It could also be that the mobile platform is intercepting the message and transferring the 403 status code to some user-friendly (but less helpful) error message. In that case, you could use ACCESS::respond inside of ACCESS_ACL_DENIED to send a different HTTP status code message to the client.