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Nov 23, 2010

APM irule: remote login page needs referer

Hi all, We have a need to hide all our apps behind a single login application and are using a remote login page in an APM policy to do this. The problem is that this login app needs some way of finding out which of our 500+ sites the request originated from. We were hopeful that we could just use the referer header but, as the firt hop in this process is the F5 VIP that the policy is assigned to the referer shows



My best (and only) idea is to somehow attach a cookie in when the access session is created but, being a noob all I seem capable of is logging the original referer but I have been unsuccesful creating a cookie with that value in it that the remote login app can use. My attempt is below:





set orig_referer [HTTP::header value Referer]


log local0. "Referer: $orig_referer"


HTTP::cookie insert name "orig_referer_cookie" value $orig_referer path "/"






Any help making this one work would be very appreciated.


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  • Hi Mike,

    You've succeeded in inserting a cookie into the request. This would be sent to the pool member and probably ignored.

    I think you could set a variable to track the value to insert in ACCESS_SESSION_STARTED and then do the cookie insert in HTTP_RESPONSE.

       set orig_referer [HTTP::header value Referer]
       log local0. "Referer: $orig_referer"
    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
        Check if orig_referer is set
       if { [info exists orig_referer] }{
           Insert the cookie in the response
          HTTP::cookie insert name orig_referer_cookie value $orig_referer path "/"
           Unset the variable so we only set the cookie once
          unset orig_referer

    If you're using the cookie for access control, you might want to encrypt it. You can do this by setting the cookie name in a custom HTTP profile for 'cookies to encrypt'. Or you could do it manually using 'HTTP::cookie encrypt|decrypt':

  • Thanks Aaron! I have tried this and it is still not working as planned so I put a line in the "when HTTP_RESPONSE" section to log the orig_referer variable and it does not seem to be there. Is it possible that the variables set in the "when ACCESS_SESSION_STARTED" cant exist in the "when HTTP_RESPONSE" section?





  • That might be true. I haven't played around with APM to know for sure. Maybe someone else can clarify.



    Can you clarify how/under what circumstances you want to tell the login app which hostname the client started with? Is this a separate application running behind APM? Do all requests go through this application or just some?



    Depending on when the info needs to be inserted into a cookie, it's possible you could add the start page as a session variable in ACCESS_SESSION_STARTED using something like:



    ACCESS::session data set session.custom.referer [HTTP::header Referer]



  • So the access policy refers to a remote login page which in this case is an app. That app needs to know which site you are coming from so that it can display some images and look/feel of that site. then it posts creds back to the access policy and is passed into the correct pool. Basically for the login page to act properly it needs to know that the request originated from or and this the only way I can come up with to accomplish it. I had thought of setting it as session datatoo but I cant figure out how to get the session data out of the session and into the login app.?.



    Thanks again for your help! It isnt easy fora noob.. =)