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Jun 10, 2022

APM and Google raCAPTACHA Enterprise

Hi Colleagues,

I'm trying to configure google recaptcha Enterprise into APM without success and connot find any documentation on how to do it. Does anyone know if it is supported by APM or has some experience with it?

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  • Hi luiz-zanoni, this slipped through the cracks, but wanted to follow up. Did you get this resolved? I haven't done this since v11 ages ago, but looks like it's integrated into the logon page object in the VPE according to the APM operations guide:

    "You can also prevent brute-force attacks using CAPTCHA on a BIG-IP APM logon page. By default, BIG-IP APM uses the Google reCAPTCHA service, but you can use any CAPTCHA service that provides a reCAPTCHA-compatible API."

    Let me know if you have specific pain points where you're stuck and I'll try to help (or find help!) 🙂