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Jul 07, 2020

APM | Native RDP SSO

Hello guys


We switcheed from ActiveX RDP to Native RDP

Everything before worked fine with ActiveX RDP including SSO, but today we have to switch to native in order to upgrade to v14 or later

Currently we're using v13.1.1.5 and we're willing to upgrade to v15 , there no activex is supported anymore.


Anyhow , the RDP connection works fine with native but the SSO is not getting mapped.

Is there something special with native RDP we need to setup

I followed many KBs and articles in devcentral but no luck ..


I did also the SSO Credential mapping although I know we don't need that


we're using : session.ldap.last.attr.userPrincipalName and session.logon.last.password

screenshot bellow:



When I look at CLI APM logs I see the following:

{11e.S} An exception is thrown: Net:1: Connection was closed

According to K08943176 they're saying to check the username / password or domain variables

But I think those variables are configured properly

regarding the domain variable I set variable assignment in VPE and still nothing works ..


again , it is working fine with activex .. (without using domain variable, only using session.ldap.last.attr.sAMAccountName as the username source)



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  • we found the issue

    according to this article Native RDP is not accepting combining username and domain in the same field.

    We thought at first that we can use this usernme source as activex: session.ldap.last.attr.sAMAccountName

    But no, we created variable assignment with static domain name and configured in the domain souce: session.logon.last.domain

    And now it is working fine